It is a modern day requirement and expectation that minibars and their contents are a part and parcel of in-room service. From the Hotelier’s perspective, this is not always a bonus. Maintaining and checking stock and usage is labour intensive, with staff manually having to record information accurately to avoid; but not necessarily prevent; stock and revenue losses, walkout and theft.


Every Vintech supplied product has been sourced from a global manufacturer that is well recognised in the market place as being a leader in their own right and offering product reliability to be proud of.


Vintech Systems offers the most comprehensive range of user friendly, top quality products to meet modern day requirement and expectation. To be able to meet every customers unique requirements we offer a variety of tailored support packages.


Vintech Systems carries a complete range of spares and project stock, available for immediate dispatch anywhere in the Oceania region. With offsite back-ups and remote connection capabilities our software support engineers can efficiently assist and resolve any technical enquiries.