Product Summary

Holiday Inn Express® has selected Safemark’s M 5.1 guest room safe as the brand standard for all new construction, conversion and renovation properties (including those with a PIP). Customized to match the Formula Blue™ branding, the M 5.1 is available with an optional color matched pedestal for placement within the guest room closet. The user-friendly keypad illuminates in blue to complete this much appreciated guest amenity. As an added peace of mind, Safemark’s M 5.1 includes a limited 5-year manufacturer’s warranty and an exclusive $10,000 warranty against forced entry. See the IHG® Spec EXG-178.1 in the Downloads Tab for additional details. 
Hotels looking for added security often select the optional MIWA High Security Mechanical Override. Concealed behind a metal plate, the cylinders are customized to each property with a unique pinning code. Unlike skeleton keys, the high security keys cannot be easily copied and additional keys are only available from the manufacturer with proper authority.


Model Finish and Options

Keypad and Display