INTEREL’S EOS thermostat features 8 sensors for presence and activity detection. Including an integrated pressure sensor, paired with an acoustic sensor that are fully incorport into our EOS offering. As a single-component thermostat without additional equipment needed for HVAC control and MEP standards, EOS simplifies the installation process for both retrofits as well as new buildFrom EOS’s inception, it has been designed to scale from a basic energy management system to an adavanced guest room control and room automation platform. Configurable system allows for automatic temperature setbacks and lighting control of unoccupied spaces resulting in significant savings.

Commercial and enterprise grade

Universal back box design complies with most MEC standards worldwide. 
Compatible with most commercial and residential HVAC setups across property types and verticals.

Built to evolve

Future features and functionality will be enabled over time utilizing the technology already built in. 
Will improve throughout its serviceable life via OTA software updates to unlock new capabilities

Lower deployment costs

Virtualized hub plus multiple additional technologies all within a single component It can be leveraged to connect additional hardware solutions.

Flexible connectivity

Installs with ease in green & brownfield, with or without existing infrastructure. Wi-Fi or cellular models available. Wi-Fi, ZigBee, and Bluetooth radios built in.

Designed to integrate

Connected to INTEREL OS, our common operating platforms with flexible, open APIs. 
Partners are able to surface desired features, functions, and insights within their solutions.

A true asset-wide solution

Can be deployed in all areas of a property, serving as the universal IoT backbone. 
Staff and resident-facing solutions across the property can leverage open APIs, allowing a single solution to be adopted in mixed-use.

IoT Hub App-based commissioning

To make an entire building IoT-ready, you need a digital infrastructure that allows smart devices to communicate wirelessly.
With INTEREL’s connectBsmart, properties don’t need to install dedicated BLE infrastructure. INTEREL devices with connectBsmart technology not only communicate with – but also bring online – other devices via Bluetooth and ZigBee. 

Since connectBsmart is a technology that is built into powered online devices, it overcomes the traditional limitations of BLE beacons.

We could make things easier

Via Phone

• Field technician connects to EOS through phone.
• EOS uses phone hotspot to retrieve cloud configuration automatically.
• EOS is fully commissioned in minutes, ensuring no downtime in operational settings.

Via Powerful API

Designed to allow our partners to monitor and control EOS units and the equipment connected to them. Opens endless opportunities for all stakeholders.

Dashboard Overview

INTEREL OS is our cloud-base dashboard designed from its inception to collect, analyze, and project real-time analytics for your property, on a customizable dashboard. 

INTEREL OS enables your property to realize energy savings through our reporting and analytics interface to track progress towards total efficiency goals. INTEREL OS provides a unique view into the various touch points within the guest room by combining all 8 sensors and occupancy reporting to provide a complete overview of the guest room.

You’re able to received:
Environmental details: Online/Offline status, Occupied/ Unoccupied status
Device details: Status, Identification, Connectivity, Version
Network information: Connectivity status, Signal quality, SSID
Alarm notification: Efficiency alerts, Humidity issues, High/ low thresholds
Historical insights: Event logs, Temperature and humidity trending.

Advance Assist