Aiello Intelligent Voice Assistant

Aiello Intelligent Voice is the best communication intermediary between businesses and customers, reducing customer service labor costs, collecting and analysing large amounts of information, uncovering potential business strategies.

Upselling Opportunities

AI Chatbot


Communication Channel

IOT Room Control

We integrate with RCU (Room Control Unit) providers (Iterel) in region to enable voice control experience. Guest can now use voice to open curtains, turn on the lights and control the TV, AC or in any scenario (relax, party mode). Our date shows that up to 30% of interactions with Aiello are to control room appliances.

Customized Assistant

Our Assistant is fully customized with information about hotel facilities, F&B, room amenities and everything it has to offer, saving up to 60% of your front-desk time.

Support To Staff

Aiello provides a great way for the staff to seamlessly communicate with guests during their stay and handle complex requests. We also integrate with other technologies to make the most of existing systems.

Aiello Voice Data Management System

Using data to deeply understand guests’ behaviors

We create a new way to interact with hotel guests

Optimize marketing strategy