Absorption Minibars

The thermoelectric system is simply an heating pump that performs the function as compression or absorption refrigerating systems. It transfer the heat from a cold area to a warm area, and after that it is despersed to the surroundings silence and low enviromental impact guaranteed, in terms of construction and consumption.

Drink PLUS

Drink Plus line is featured by a great design and technology, aluminum shelves, transparent balconies, modular inner door and internal LED light, They are state-of- art product, ultra silent and with an exclusive design. The best insulation and the latest technologies guarantee maximum energy saving.

The transparent glass door and internal LED light grabs the guest attention and increase consumptions.

Iceberg PLUS

The new Iceberg was conceived to achieve maximum market competitiveness through a product characterized by elegant design with attention to the smallest details. The product also offers enhanced performance thanks to a thicker cabinet that guarantees more effective insulation and the best comfort thanks to a noiseless absorption cooling system.
The New Iceberg plus shows:

  • A black modern colour cabinet
  • Tempered glass shelves with a silk screen printed Indel B logo
  • Elegant white balconies adjustable in height and depth
  • Electronic thermostate with 3 temperature regulations and on/off
  • New evaporator with profile in aluminium.
For more model, personalize option and technical information please consult Vintech Systems.