Fridom Minibars

Learn the rules so you can break them. With 50 years of experience developing revolutionary cooling and refrigeration systems, Indel B brings radical innovation to the hospitality industry. Fridom is the minibar range for hotel rooms whose value goes beyond functionality. Its name says it all since it combines the words “fridge” and “freedom”. 
Fridom breaks all design rules, bringing the minibar out of its hiding place and transforming it into a piece of furniture that disregards gravity and finds its place under the spotlight. No structural constraints, just timeless design that embellishes every setting, maximised functionality, and minimal volume. In addition, Fridom consumes less because Indel B cares about the environment.

Design down with stereotypes

Fridom perfectly combines simplicity and functionality. Indel B’s new minibar range was designed by Massimo Mussapi, architect and designer for the hospitality industry, removing any constraints dictated by the room’s design. Traditionally, spaces, volumes, dimensions, positions, and styles limit creativity when designing a hotel room. Fridom breaks all these rules because it can be easily installed anywhere in any room.



Furnishing without compromises

Spaces, volumes, dimensions, positions, and styles are words that tend to limit the design of a setting. The Fridom range comes in five versions covering any structural need. They can be wall-mounted, countertop, and freestanding, with a timeless, minimalist design to enhance the value of the room. Available in Bronze or customised based on the room’s style. Fridom becomes a piece of furniture without compromises. 


CUBE Freestanding

For more model, personalize option and technical information please consult Vintech Systems.